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FAQ about the Year Long Adventure

Q:  Are you going to sell your house and buy an RV?
A:  No, we plan to make frequent stops back home, and we’ll want a place to return to when the Adventure ends.  We plan on utilizing a mixture of camping, hotels, and apartment/house rentals while we are traveling.

Q:  Did you say camping?  Did Jennifer agree to this?
A:  Reluctantly, yes.  She is not looking forward to this part of the Adventure.

Q:  What about school?
A:  We feel that traveling across the country and seeing it all will be an incredible educational opportunity, but Jennifer will also homeschool the kids throughout the year.

Q:  How are you going to fit all the things you’ll need in your minivan?
A:   We plan to pack lightly and strategically.  (Notice I said “plan”.  This will be quite challenging, and we haven’t done a practice run yet.  We have been known to fill up our Expedition for a two night stay at the lake.)  An X-Cargo has been purchased and will surely be stuffed to capacity.

Q:  Where are you going first?
A:  We will be heading to the Pacific Northwest. The first trip will take us through 13 states:  Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

Q: Are you guys crazy?

A: That remains to be seen.  Check back in with us to find out.

Q:  How can we keep in touch?
A:  So glad you asked.  We will have access to email, and will be on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also follow our adventure here on our blog at www.yearlongadventure.wordpress.com


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