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We were in Michigan, heading South en route to Indiana on Leg 5 of our Year Long Adventure when a unique opportunity presented itself.  While cruising down I-69, Dad saw a sign on the side of the road advertising a farm at the next exit where you could pick your own produce.  The turn signal went on, and we were off for a new experience.

Excited to pick some berries!

We followed the signs and found ourselves at Harvey’s Farm.  On this farm, established in 1984, Ron and Rose Harvey grow produce that you can pick from May to November.  We were there in July which put us right in the middle of raspberry and blueberry season.  We met Rose in the garage where she explained the process and outfitted us with the necessary buckets.

Quite excited, we walked toward the raspberry bushes in search of the elusive red berry.  We made our way up and down the rows of bushes picking berries.

With no experience, we found it difficult to keep each raspberry intact, and many came apart during the picking process.  It took a while to discover a method which resulted in the least number of squished or mangled berries.

We began with a lofty goal of filling two pint buckets, but we quickly decided that one pint would be enough for us.  The blueberries were calling, and we were getting hot.

We made our way back to the garage, picked up the blueberry bucket, and trekked to the other side of the farm to the blueberry patch.  There we found that blueberries are much easier to pick.

Picking berries in 90 degree heat is really hard work, and we developed new respect for people who work in the fields and provide us with produce.  With our bucket overflowing, we made our way back to the garage.  Ron weighed and bagged our berries, and we were surprised to find that we were leaving with a pint of raspberries and 4.75 pounds of blueberries for less than $10.

Upon returning to the van, we realized we had a problem – two large bags of fresh berries and no cooler.  Unfortunately, a few days earlier, our cooler had become a bio-hazard (don’t forget to buy ice if you are storing anything other than drinks) and developed a strong odor that almost killed our oldest daughter when she opened it.  Needless to say, we currently did not have a safe place to keep our berries fresh.  Regardless, our family had a true family road trip experience, and we enjoyed the very delicious berries at room temperature for the next few days.  Plan on pulling off the road the next time you are in the neighborhood.


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